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Pre-Pay Bills Cut & UK Energy Review Launched

Pre-Pay Bills Cut & UK Energy Review Launched

Posted on August 10, 2017

Cheaper Home Energy Bills

CUTS in pre-payment meter tariffs are now lowering bills for 3 million people across the UK. Average bills are set to fall to around £1050, said to be saving about £19 per year.

The ‘safety net’ tariff for pre-paying consumers is designed to ensure these often more vulnerable users of home gas and electricity from paying too much.

At the same time, utility bills for most householders and businesses are soaring yet a general election pledge this year to cut bills for them has not materialised.

Instead of introducing price cuts as indicated at the election, the Government has announced a major energy review.

Designed to try to keep down the cost of energy costs, the UK’s entire energy supply chain is to be investigated – from ‘the customer’ who uses gas and electricity at home and work right back to power generation.

Business secretary MP Greg Clark said:

“The review will consider how we can take advantage of changes to our power system and new technologies to ensure clean, secure and affordable supplies over the coming decades.”

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