BBC Watchdog Smart Meters Installations Cause 18 Fires
BBC Watchdog: ‘Smart meters installations cause 18 fires’

BBC Watchdog: ‘Smart meters installations cause 18 fires’

Posted on August 3, 2017

Investigations are underway into the safety of smart meters after the BBC this week broadcast details of 18 house fires occurring since energy companies started to roll out the Government-led national smart meter programme.

Shocking video images were shown of homes devastated by blazes across the country. Statements published by BBC Watchdog from various companies, regulatory and energy bodies seek to reassure householders and landlords.

But public and commercial organisations will find it difficult to be trusted at their word, especially after the Grenfell Tower housing block fire in the Kensington and Chelsea council area of West London. A key question remains unclear now, in the summer of 2017… Are smart meters safe? For more information, read the official statements online.

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